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You(th)nique – a bespoke experience for youth workers


24 European youth workers from 8 not-for-profit organisations have explored during a 7 days training course  in Romania how to engage youth generation at workplace through talent management and inner leadership. The training course is part of the 8 months project You(th)nique, organized by Monomyths Association and its European partners and it is funded through Erasmus+ Programme.

Between November 20-27 2017, representatives of eight not-for-profit organizations from Poland, Italy, Belgium, Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia, Spain and Romania discovered under the guidance of the trainers Dominique Verschuren (Belgium) and Corina Seler (Romania) how applying the concepts of inner leadership and talent management in their daily work with young people can help them discover their values, talents and how to manage them in order to get employed or to create a new startup based on these talents. The trainers approach is connected more with “knowing yourself” than “selling yourself”.


You(th)nique project represents for us a great learning environment for youth workers that work with NEETs from all around Europe. In a dynamic labor market, it is important that the young people becomes aware of their talents and strengths and coordinate them with the skills required by the private companies. We want to empower the youth workers and share with them the proper tools that can help them on a daily basis and also how to use at full-capacity the capacity of their team members and their volunteers in order to meet the young people’s expectations.

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  • Community management
  • Personal branding
  • Story tailoring

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