Social Digital Mentors


The general idea of this training course is to to promote employment of young people, through an effective use of social media and through the training of 32 youth workers, youth leaders, educators that work with young people outside formal education settings from participant countries that will be called “social digital mentors”.


During the 7 day training course, the president of Monomyths Association aimed to enable the participants to learn how to get a digital identity for joining the labor market in an effective way; to deepen the issues of digital mentoring, through the use of innovative non-formal learning methods as well as learning by doing, mentoring, peer to peer education, team-building exercise, daily reflection group, brainstorming. Once back home, the “social digital mentors” are able to inform the youth and discuss with them on the topics of “Digital identity”, “Mentoring as NFL tool”. We also raised awareness on the issues of digital profile and we guided the participants to develop their skills in digital becoming more aware, skilled and motivated to use them in everyday research of employment. During the training course we’ve created a masive open online course (MOOC) named social digital mentors. This can be found here

Coletorto Gemellaggi

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  • Brand identity
  • Communication strategy

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