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Ideas Ark – Entrepreneurship Education booklet


Hi! I am Emilia Radu, co-founder and learning designer at Monomyths Association! For the past 7 years I have create learning experiences for youth workers, youth and teachers on topics such as creativity, storytelling and entrepreneurship education through learning through play, in non-formal education environments. Exactly like you, I feel that the role of youth workers is different now and the young people need our help in finding or creating their career path based on their inner motivations. So, here I am, sharing a selection of experiential methods on entrepreneurship education that my team is using in training course about creativity and entrepreneurship education.


Here, at Monomyths, we strongly believe that entrepreneurship education is more complex than simply guiding youngsters how to start a business or write a business plan. It is more about developing in learners a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship which will help them with their own initiatives, companies and associations, but also at work and in their everyday life. This involves fostering creativity and innovation and giving youngsters the chance to define, plan and manage their own projects.

This is the foundation of this booklet, a collaborative initiative of European Youth nonprofit organisations, implemented with the support of Erasmus+ Programme.
This selection of methods are great for you, if you are: youth worker, trainer, learning designer, project coordinator, teacher, interested in entrepreneurship education and innovation processes in the youth field.
In this booklet you cand discover, step-by-step, interactive and experiential methods that are easy to follow, contains engaging activities with clear instructions so you can start facilitating starting tomorrow meaningful learning experiences for young people.

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  • Community management
  • Creativity activation
  • Startup

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