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Non-profits are a great example of a segment of social media with its own unique elements and expectations. The non-profit structure—donation-backed, humanitarian-focused, member-based—presents an opportunity for some really neat ways of putting social media to good use, and I’ve done my best to collect a number of stats, tips, and online resources in this guide.

Free Open Sources Tools for Story Tailors Guide created by Monomyths team for the project “Monomyths:communication tools for NGOs and start-ups”  can be downloaded here.


Good design can change the world — or at least help nonprofits and social good organizations in the process. Whether it’s using a website to tell compelling stories or creating an innovative product, design and social change go hand in hand.

Empowering your storytellers: With simple tools, every team member can design creative content.
Building campaigns: Access albums with over one million images and transform your ideas into appealing visual aids for your volunteers and your donors.

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