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Creativity is all about exploration and going where no one has gone before. Just like an explorer, we’re hoping that the booklet created by Monomyths Association with the support of 32 youth workers from 8 youth nonprofits from Romania, Croatia, Greece, The Republic of North Macedonia, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey will guide other European youth workers to head into uncharted territories.


2 years ago, a youth worker from our association picked from a book store an outstanding creativity tool- “Do one thing every day that inspires you” by Thomas Alva Edison. A tool that we have brought afterwards in our trainings and shared it with youth workers all over Europe. And so, the story of the project “Navigators on Creative Seas” and this booklet began.
We believe that creativity is as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status. Creativity is a skill that we can get better at it, just like in the case of any other skill.
We’ve never really thought of creativity as being something that we can get better at. But we can.
This selection of methods included in the booklet are great for you if you are: Youth worker, trainer, learning designer, youth project coordinator or teacher interested in creative environments and processes.
The booklet has been developed by Monomyths Association with the support of Erasmus+ Programme.
We will guide you to discover, step-by-step, interactive and
experiential methods that are easy to follow, contains engaging activities with clear instructions so you can start facilitating starting tomorrow creative learning experiences for young people.

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