Communication tools for NGOs and start-ups


Monomyths – communication tools for NGOs and start-ups is a training course financed by Erasmus+ programme that addresses a key social factor: active citizenship through communication and multimedia tools. During the Monomyths  Association training course we intend to form a number of 24 European youth workers from Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Croatia that are involved in  communication and personal branding projects for youngsters.  Because the field of communication is very dynamic and the practices can be different from country to country, the technology and digital tools are evolving very fast, so we need a constant update, to provide the best solutions to youth workers from NGOs. For this reason, in this project we try to bring innovative approaches, after consulting specialists from big NGOs and advertising agencies.


The objective of the training course is to design a creative and accessible platform in English language that connects NGOs and youth workers interested in communication projects and DEOR techniques that will include resources, non-formal education tools that increase new media literacy, digital competences and communication in social media for NGOs, youth workers and end-beneficiaries (youngsters).

Monomyths Association

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  • Brand identity
  • Communication strategy
  • Story tailoring

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