Emilia Radu

President and Story Tailor

I was born in a small city somewhere in eastern Romania at the end of 1980’s. Most of my childhood days I’ve spent with my grandparents, reading tons of books which eventually lead to my affection for stories. In my early teens I felt suppressed by my small town – physically I was there, but in my mind I was already exploring the world. The first meaningful journey was to Iasi, when I decided to apply to the Journalism Faculty. My faculty and my Master degree were a mixture of journalism, public relations, and brand management, completed by an Erasmus scholarship at Sakarya University, Turkey.

My aim is to help  non-profit leaders to increase the impact and visibility of their projects, guide them to build their NGO reputation, transform their volunteers into NGO ambassadors.

I’ve dedicated the past five years working with three strong concepts: branding, not-for-profit, and non-formal education. I’ve tested their 100% compatibility as project manager and trainer into a pilot project: “NGOs Communication Camp”, dedicated to the European non-profit organizations. More than 30 NGOs and 90 youth workers, communication specialists received branding and communication consultancy from my team. At the end of 2014, I’ve decided to launch an NGO dedicated to branding and communication for not-for-profit sector.

I’m a full-time enthusiastic, volunteer and non-formal education believer who think that the development of a healthy society lies in our dedicated involvement in our communities.