Dorina Tanase

Non-formal education Apprentice

Hi, I’m Dorina Tanase!

I started to be passionate about communication and improve my skills and know-how in this field after I started to go at radio, during high school. I felt blessed to be a part of that team and day by day I grew and wanted to develop myself more. After few years I graduate Journalism and Communication Sciences in Iasi. In this educational environment I built my own boat for the big adventure of my life. The first harbor: journalism – proved me that I haven’t the good map and the right direction, but offered me instead good tips for the next experiences. Trying to do more in this creative industry, I just felt that I find my place working with people and NGOs, discovering non-formal education. For me this represents a great challenge. In this big adventure I discover my own island and I want to explore it as much as possible.