NGOs Story Tailors

Monomyths Association is a not-for-profit organisation created by story tailors from Bucharest, Romania. It’s a Story land  for personal growth, creative self-expression where we use our talents –  branding scissors, reputation patterns and communication colors – for the good of the society and for the not-for-profit organisations all over the world.

What we do

The mission of our activities is to qualify the youth workers and communication specialists from NGOs, both vocationally and personally, both independent and in cooperation with other participants, by developing their know-how and methodology. Our efforts focuses on people and ideas, on creativity and change, motivation and potential, on values and visions. The central aspect of our training courses and workshops is that knowledge is organized and viewed as resources for our clients briefs. Therefore, we’ve created general and customized communication workshops and campaigns for them during the training courses. The participants should be able to design novelty and new communication strategies: may it be through the start of a new campaign or within existing projects of the NGOs. The participants shall, during the course of the trainings, develop a pro-active attitude towards the concept of branding, as an active and personal process of connecting with the community, donors, active citizens, public institutions.

We are in our Element

Through our projects, our story tailors generates relevant solutions for the communication needs of not-for-profit organisations in terms of visibility and awareness, brand identity, and customized stories with big impact.

Our skills
At the end of our trainings and workshops, the participants should be able to:
• Connect theoretical knowledge with practical experiences
• Initiate, design and lead processes and strategies for change
• Initiate, design and execute dynamic communication projects
• Initiate, design and pitch an idea to companies, journalists or public authorities
• Create and manage relations with media and other stakeholders
• See possibilities as opposed to limitations
• Design creative solutions
• Perform as an agent of change and take initiative

Creativity 100%
Brand Identity 90%
Communication strategy 100%
NGO reputation 100%

Meet the story tailors

We call ourselves story tailors, masters of words who navigates among creativity, stories, and communities for the benefit of society as a whole. Each one of us can assists the not-for-profit organisations to give a voice and an identity to their vision, mission and social initiatives. This involves stepping outside conventional thinking. Our story tailors dares. Our strengths are fuelled by a process of innovation, experience, and strong communication know-how. Our members master a fluency in human potential and we invite everyone to step beyond their boundaries. What we know is to not work to expectations, but instead we throw far afield: anything is possible and once we dream it, we can do it.

Projects portfolio

Our clients

Our clients are curious, ambitious, collaborative, and value the powerful stories. They have a portfolio of projects and social interventions that express their unique point-of-view over the world and their community. If you wish to tailor your story, you should be prepared to lead and to follow, ready to handle uncertainty and appreciate viewpoints other than your own. We believe that we can be creative together and that our passion for communication and for community can inspire others.

Love what we do?

Where we work

Cheia Street no 10, District 5, Bucharest, Romania - email address: - phone number: 0040755935588