Storytailors Toolkit


These booklets have been designed for youth workers and trainers that works in Communication and Branding field in non-profit organisations.The booklet is based on NGOs Communication Camp Training Course Curriculum, coordinated by Emilia Radu, co-founder of Monomyths Association.

This booklet is a resource for non-profit organisations —from the president to the public relations specialists to the designer and brand strategist. I want to make it easy to quickly grasp the fundamentals and be inspired by these tools and tips.


NGOs and other non-profit organizations must reinforce and reestablish their identity as a powerful and recognizable brand.
Communication is very important for non-profit organizations, between each other and to the public. Otherwise, how else would NGOs be able to differentiate themselves from each other?
The NGO must reach out to their audience in search of two objectives: first, to propagate the values, ideas and beliefs that give meaning and entity to the organization. Second, it must ensure that its stakeholders feel involved and committed to the organization. Thus the NGO can attract stakeholders to contribute to their cause, through both direct and economic participation.
The first booklet is one of the results of NGOs Communication Camp – 2nd Edition Training Course and is designed to help youngsters interested in communication, new media, brand identity, social media and internal communication to develop their know-how in these fields.
The second booklet contains plenty non-formal methods for ideation processes, but also for strategic communication processes.

This toolkit is useful for Communication Specialists, Trainers in Communication, Branding and Media Field, youth workers and volunteers from Marketing and Communication departments of Not-for-profit organisations.

D.G.T. Association

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  • Brand identity
  • Creativity activation
  • Media relations
  • Personal branding
  • Story tailoring

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